You Totally Deserve This Refreshing Blueberry Moscow Mule

A refreshing beverage is just what you need to take the edge off after a long day of work. A Moscow mule is the perfect choice for an easy to make drink and incorporates vodka, ginger beer, lime and mint. This recipe adds a slight twist by adding muddled blueberries to the glass. The summertime fruit adds just a touch of sweetness and the ginger beer gives the drink a nice bite. If the kids are begging for a taste, hold the vodka and make them a mocktail. This will quickly becomes a drink that the entire family can enjoy.

Make this drink any time of the year and you’ll be satisfied. Have it with a meal or on its own—either way, you won’t be disappointed.


  • 6 oz blueberries
  • 4 sprigs mint leaves
  • Ice
  • 3 oz vodka
  • 12 oz ginger beer
  • 2 lime wedges


Make it!


  1. Muddle blueberries and mint in a shaker. 
  2. Pour vodka and ginger beer into shaker, close and gently shake. 
  3. Fill a glass with ice. Mules are traditionally served in a copper mug, but any glass will suffice.
  4. Squeeze lime juice into the glass, drop the wedge in and then strain the drink from shaker.